Fund Overview

Access the return potential of Private Equity in an Evergreen program.

Evergreen Private Equity Program

Evergreen Private Equity Program

  • Turn IRR into ROR
  • Gain private equity target allocation with a single investment
  • Maintain private equity target allocation through reinvesting distributions
  • Private equity asset allocation tool

RCP Advisors, Sub-Advisor

  • $12.5 Billion North American lower middle market buyouts specialist firm since 2001
  • Access to top-tier North American lower middle market private equity managers
  • Extensive experience in Primary, Co-Investments, and Secondary strategies.
  • Only Investment Vehicle to Access RCP Advisors' Secondary, Primary and Co-Investments
Available Only to RIAS & Family Offices

Available Only to RIAS & Family Offices

  • Invest alongside long-term investors with aligned interests
  • Limited capacity investment opportunity
  • Investor friendly fund structure

North American Lower Middle Market Buyouts

  • Top quartile managers have significantly outperformed their peers
  • Inefficient market and information is less accessible
  • Access to top quartile managers through deep relationships 
  • Complement to existing large cap private equity allocation

Heavy Overweight to Secondary Investments

  • Intends to accelerate capital deployment and distributions
  • Potential to purchase at a discount
  • Shortens duration and helps mitigate the J-Curve
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Fund Documents

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Investor Guide

Why Hatteras?

Hatteras Investment Partners strongly believes that Financial Advisors – an RIA, a family office, or an institutional investment consulting firm – play a critical role in growing and preserving investors’ wealth.

While alternatives like hedge funds, private equity and fund-of-funds were widely available, to mirror the university endowment model, we had to construct an efficient, highly diversified portfolio that included private equity.

Our single mission is to strengthen the relationship between the Advisor and the Investor through performance-focused private investment solutions designed to help build more robust and resilient portfolios.

Bringing this solution to our Advisors and their clients meant simplifying and streamlining the process—removing the barriers to entry and focusing on the solution, not just the product.

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