Fund Overview

The Endowment Alternatives Fund is designed as a complete alternative investment fund solution for qualified clients.

Diversified Exposure to Private Investments

Diversified Exposure to Private Investments

The Fund provides diversified exposure to Private Investments for potential return enhancement and Hedged Investments for potential volatility and risk mitigation.

Access to Alternative Investment Funds

Access to Alternative Investment Funds

We believe small institutions and wealthy individuals should benefit from access to the same investment approach and investment talent as is utilized by the largest institutional investors, which includes access to alternative investment funds.

Investor-Friendly Structure

Investor-Friendly Structure

The Fund requires only a $25,000 minimum investment, with subsequent $5,000 investments continuously offered by monthly subscription, but not mandated. Investors obtain additional transparency through monthly NAV pricing and 1099 tax reporting.

Fund Documents

Review the latest fund information in the below documents.

Investor FAQ
Investor Guide

Fund Structure

Fund Terms Endowment Alternatives Fund
Tax Reporting1 Form 1099-Div
Subscriptions Continuous offering with monthly subscriptions
Investment Reporting Monthly valuations and investment reporting
Minimum Investment $25,000 initial investment; $5,000 subsequent investments
Performance Allocation5 10%
Quarterly Liquidity6,7,8

Quarterly Income Distributions – Investor Choice to Reinvest or Harvest, dividend, capital gains and return of capital

5% Repurchases at NAV

1.Please consult with your tax advisor for the specifics on your Fund investment tax ramifications. Hatteras does not render tax advise to investors. 2.Registration does not imply that the SEC or any other regulatory authority has approved or disapproved the securities or passed upon the accuracy of the offering materials or the merits of an investment in the securities. However, registered closed-end investment companies such as the Funds are required by SEC rules and regulations to meet certain standards typically not required of non-registered funds. Registration requirements include existence of an independent Board of Directors, and that all holdings be reported to the SEC and made publicly available on a quarterly basis. 3.Prospective investors will be required to certify that they are a “qualified client” as defined by federal securities laws. 4.Investors in the Funds will bear their pro-rata share of the management fee, other expenses as set forth in the prospectus (including insurance costs, trustee fees and the applicable portion of the Funds’ total expenses). Such fees do not include other fees and expenses that may be borne by shareholders, such as placement fees, if applicable, at the Fund level, and indirectly, similar fees, expenses and incentive-based fees/allocations of Fund Investments. Please see the prospectus for a more detailed discussion of the costs and expenses investors will bear, directly or indirectly, by investing in the Fund. 5.The General Partner of the Fund will be allocated a Performance Allocation that is equal to 10% of the excess of the new net profits of shareholder interests in the Fund. 6.Quarterly Income Distributions – Shareholder may elect one of the following options, reinvest dividends, capital gains and all return of capital; reinvest capital gains and return of capital; distribute dividends in cash; reinvest return of capital; distribute capital gains and dividends in cash; distribute dividends, capital gains and all return on capital. 7.A Shareholder may be subject to a repurchase fee equal to 2.00% of the amount requested if such partner has been a Partner for less than 12 months prior to the valuation date. 8.The Fund generally intend to make quarterly offers to repurchase no more than 20% annually of the units of a Fund at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors as described in the Funds’ Prospectus. 9.Please see prospectus for additional information about the details of each Class of Shares.

Why Hatteras?

Hatteras Investment Partners strongly believes that Financial Advisors – an RIA, a family office, or an institutional investment consulting firm – play a critical role in growing and preserving investors’ wealth.

While alternatives like hedge funds, private equity and fund-of-funds were widely available, to mirror the university endowment model, we had to construct an efficient, highly diversified portfolio that included private equity.

Our single mission is to strengthen the relationship between the Advisor and the Investor through performance-focused private investment solutions designed to help build more robust and resilient portfolios.

Bringing this solution to our Advisors and their clients meant simplifying and streamlining the process—removing the barriers to entry and focusing on the solution, not just the product.

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