complete alternative investment solutions.

More than private equity investment funds, Hatteras is the place for complete alternative investment solutions.

Our alternative investment solutions helps RIAs, Family Offices, and Investment Consultants differentiate themselves from competitors to reach more qualified clients. Gain a competitive edge by providing access to investment opportunities typically reserved for larger, institutional investors.

Advise your clients with confidence.

A key component to success is leveraging our partnerships with world-class investment managers. With very little margin for error, your sustainable, thriving business rests on the products, like  private equity investment funds,  that you recommend and the client relationships you build.

Access to alternative investments is integral, as it creates the potential for long-term wealth and prosperity for your clients. Going beyond the typical stock, bonds and cash portfolio-mix by adding non-traditional investment strategies has the potential to help provide for better overall portfolio performance.

That’s why it’s said that alternative investments may be the boost that 60-40 portfolios need in today’s economic environment.

Portfolio Volatility Management

By adding alternative investments, such as private equity, to a traditional portfolio, an investor may reduce portfolio volatility and improve the possibility of experiencing increased returns over the long term, due to lower volatility and correlation.

Increased Diversification

In order for diversification to realize its benefits, a portfolio’s underlying asset classes must behave differently in varying market conditions. Adding alternative investment strategies can help increase diversification because, for the most part, alternative investments are not highly correlated to one another or to traditional asset classes.

Return Enhancement

Through appropriate diversification, there is the potential to achieve returns at lower risk. A portfolio that includes both traditional and non-traditional investment strategies may offer increased diversification and the opportunity for better returns.

Performance-focused solutions.

At Hatteras, our single mission is to strengthen the relationship between the Advisor and the Investor through performance-focused private investment solutions designed to help build more robust and resilient portfolios.

Since 2003, we have been committed to helping you produce better outcomes. With a simplified and streamlined process for implementing alternatives, you are able to construct a more efficient, highly-diversified portfolio. One that takes inspiration from the university endowment programs that have become some of the most successful institutional investors over the last 30 years largely because of their asset allocation model.


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Private Investment Funds
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Portfolio Companies

Your clients have two ways to invest with Hatteras:

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Lower Middle Market
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As Advisors we couldn’t find what we needed, so we built it.

We believe in giving Advisors the means to help clients with less than $50 million to invest more like those with $100–$300 million.

As an Advisor, we searched for an easy-to-use investment with a quarterly liquidity structure that investors could access without jumping through hoops, dealing with unnecessary complications, and running into barriers–but it didn’t exist. So, we built it. However, our work is never done. We reflected on recommendations advisors have shared with us on aspects we should improve.

Now, we’ve made it better.

Whether it’s a private equity investment fund, our process, our methods, or our materials–we challenge ourselves every day to make it better, so you can offer clients the potential for enhanced returns, reduced volatility and greater diversification opportunities with potentially less risk.

1Past performance does not guarantee future results and current performance may be lower or higher than the figures shown. The principal value of the Fund will fluctuate so that an investor’s units, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than the original cost. Returns are net of all expenses of the Fund, including the management fee and incentive allocations, and reflect reinvestment of all distributions, if applicable. Returns do not reflect payment of any sales charge, or early redemption fees, which would reduce returns shown above. To obtain performance information current to the most recent month-end, please call 866.388.6292. Please see the current Prospectus for detailed information regarding the expenses of the Fund.

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